Event Booking

Venue Mission Statement

Playing at Caydence means directly supporting one of the only all ages venues in the Twin Cities area. At Caydence we work hard to navigate the operation an all ages accessible music venue: requiring much effort to host performing arts events successfully. We ask you upon booking events that you consider the unique operation of the space / our venue and what we together have to offer the greater Twin Cities community.

Want to book a show or rent our venue? We have some requests for you first! Please read our booking terms and submit a request in the form below and we will respond as quickly as possible!

Terms of booking events at Caydence. We feel we provide an easy going process from request to show night but without some cooperation, we would be unable to operate our venue.

Caydence is an all ages performance space with a 50 person standing room capacity. (*Seating for events can be accommodated for if discussed in advance.)

Equipment available

2 EV 12″ Titanium Tweeter mains
JBL18″ 1000w SUB
12 Channel Mackie PROFXII Mixer
16 Channel American Sound Snake
Several Shure and EV Microphones
2 DI Boxes available
Varying lengths of XLR and 1/4″ instrument cables
Sorry, no stage monitor at this time.
Do not have CD or Flash Drive capabilities.


Paid entry & artist paid events/shows are hosted Friday and Saturday nights.

Pending inquiry, we may accept a week night booking request.

Saturday and Sunday in-store or patio (weather permitting) shows are also an option. These events are for tips. The artists are able to keep all they make.

Caydence is an all-ages, drug and alcohol-free performance space with 50 person standing room capacity. Seating for 30 capacity person events can likely be accommodated for; if discussed in advance.

Special Events

Caydence is available for special events upon request. In the past, we have hosted ticketed, living room-type shows, food pairings for events, receptions, parties, etc. Think of us to help you plan your next event.

Event Duration

LOAD IN: 5:45 pm – 6:30 pm we like to soundcheck the first performer before the 6:30 pm doors

DOORS: 6:30pm – 7:00pm

SHOW: 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Events must end no later than 10:00 pm to not upset the neighbors above and to abide by local noise ordinances and curfews.

Yes we staff it!

Barista, Cover charge collection, and Sound personnel on deck!

Equipment setup and storage

Please load in through the stage door on the York Ave side of the building. Please do not bring gear through the Payne Ave coffee shop entrance. It is a small venue, and there’s no room for back-lining gear; the first performer(s) of the event is set up on stage, anyone else wanting to bring gear inside in advance will have to carry it downstairs into the basement. During nice weather months much easier to simply load in gear from the vehicle directly onto the stage before the performance set.


On street parking is available, as well as a St. Paul public parking lot across the street. The parking lot behind Caydence is NOT owned by Caydence. Please do not park in this lot as you may be towed.


The front room window bar in the coffee shop has plenty of space for artists’. Aim to have merch set up before doors open for the event and a quick tear down at end of the event. Caydence also retails local music on consignment. Inquire with staff if you are interested in having your stuff for sale at the shop.


Events typically have a $10 ENTRY (Cash or credit is accepted). Advance event tickets through Brown Paper Tickets can be provided if necessary. Artists: please set the door price accordingly on promo for the event or discuss your desired cover price with booking staff.

Payment for Events

THE FIRST $160 VIA EVENT ENTRY GOES TO CAYDENCE to pay staff to book, host & clean up the event. AFTER the break-even point of $160 via entry cover is met, THE EVENT ENTRY IS SPLIT 70% ARTISTS and 30% CAYDENCE. Artists seeking advanced guarantees may discuss with booking staff upon initial event request. Typically whoever booked the show will be handed a lump sum payout from door cover & are responsible for distributing payment to other performing artists.


At this time, there is no guest list(s) for events or discounted/comped items (drinks, meals, etc.) for performers.


All artists are responsible for getting band information (pictures soundcloud/spotify links, etc) to booking agent in a timely manner so a facebook & website event can be built, at least 3 weeks prior to scheduled event date or Caydence will potentially cancel the show.

Artists are expected to promote their show through social media, flyering or any other means.

Ideally, we like to see paid cover events draw a minimum of 30+ patrons. We want to help your shows be as successful as possible. Promote! If shows are not promoted well and turnout is low, you may not be asked to perform again or might be better suited to perform during business hours on the patio, etc.

Please forward Facebook invites or Instagram promotional posts to the booking email, or simply add Caydence as a co-host and/or tag the venue so we can help co-promote. Please provide all promotional links and materials at least 3 weeks before the event date. You may also drop off physical promos for events at the shop.

All shows are all ages. 

Thank you for working hard to help make this a great place for events. We are musicians as well and understand booking and organizing are not always the easiest of tasks!

Wanna book?

Do not submit a request if you have not read the terms of booking. Please provide a short description of the show you plan on booking. Performers names and genre, links to social media of band(s), Cover charge (minimum of $10). Date(s) being requested.

The name of the act performing
Please provide an email address we can respond to you with
Please tell us about your act including number of members, genre, links to any media available. Please inform us if there are any accommodations needed such as PA, Microphones, Electric Access, ETC...
Venue = Fri & Sat doors @ 6:30 - music 7p -10p Patio = 10a • 12p slots