Pandemic Hours • Wednesday – Sunday 8am – 3pm
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TOGO & Curbside available! WEDNESDAY – SUNDAY 8AM – 3PM

Phone: 651-207-6856


Caydence Curated Music Pack

Caydence is offering Curated Music Pack(s) on your terms and budget for the foreseeable future!? Want to give it a go? Fill out our quick questionnaire & we’ll build you a tailored pack of Vinyl, Cds, and Tapes (Complete with notes!) that you can pick up or have mailed.

How much are you looking to spend?
What music are you into? What music are you not into? We will gladly work with you if you wind up with doubles. If you are not happy with a record we've selected you are welcome to exchange during business hours.
Are you wanting to come to the store and pick up your pack or would you like us to send via media mail?
Please provide full shipping address if you selected to have the pack shipped!


Phone • (651) 207-6856
For general inquiries •
Sorry – We are not hiring at this time, do check back in the near future!

We are looking for patio and in store performance during in store hours to play solo or duo sets busking style.

Wednesday – Thursday 8am to 3pm – recommend late morning to early afternoon hour or 2 sets!

Venue rental and venue operation has no estimated return at this time.


Firmly rooted on the corner of Payne & York avenues in St. Pauls eastside, Caydence Records & Coffee is home to several offerings. From specialty espresso beverages with ingredients crafted in house to live events, Caydence is the communal destination for the Payne – Phalen neighborhood & beyond. Locally roasted espresso and coffee blends from St Pauls own Bootstrap Coffee Roasters lay the foundation for our specialty beverage offerings. Caydence also serves SugaRush bakery variety donuts & CO-OP chips, soda, gluten free cookies, and yogurt. Caydence offers a constantly fresh selection of used and new vinyl records, cds and cassettes, as well as consigns and carries many local artists latest efforts. Local artists arts and crafts are also available, and are typically on display around the building. At night, live music of all kinds can be enjoyed in our back room venue. Our venue offers an intimate experience where fans and musicians are one! We want to thank the community for helping us continually grow and expand so that Caydence may give back to the community at every opportunity. We look forward to meeting you!

-Mat, Gregg, Staff
•The Caydence Crew•